a signature experience with attention to detail




My exotic photography is all inclusive. From sensual girly-girl to submissive play toy. Kissing is my absolute favorite image to capture. But don't be fooled; I am a woman who isn't afraid to put you at her feet. Get ready for a completely customizable experience with all the fixings



I love knowing that there is probably not a single soul on the face of the Earth who knows you are reading this but me. Stealing you away, and seeing what kind of photographer you are with no inhibitions, judgements, or responsibilities is going to be super hot. Let be your muse. Your secret chocolate desire. Feel free to be your best or worst self with me.



Probably the number one questions I get asked is: Why do you do this? And really it's for the sacred stills one can capture of the  human experience. No matter how many bottles of wine I've collected, shoes I've bought, or the amount of square feet in my house: people remain the most fascinating aspect of all to capture on film. I love sharing my art and can't wait to see yours too. 

Nationality (American) - Language (English)  

Birth Month (April)

Shooting Style: (All Natural, No Enhancements) 

Nether Regions: (Business in the front, party in the back)

Favorite Beer (Heineken) - Favorite City (Denver) - Favorite Yoga Position (Downward-Dog)

Favorite way to spoil you (Oral Appreciation of art)



I have always been a very curious and sexual person. At a young age, I remember finding some old Hustler magazines in the attic of my house. Even though I couldn't make sense of the urges and heat I felt between my legs, I promised myself that one day I was going to be as free and sexually confident as the women I saw on the glossy pages. In the coming years, I was spying on my girlfriends as they changed in the locker room. I loved how they looked naked. I often found myself at night; shutting my eyes to the thought of lesbian fantasies. 

Finally, in high school I was old enough to have a boyfriend. I loved teasing him in class and making out in the back seat of his Chevy.  On one special night he lead me to climax. After that our relationship became a fun game of exploring the natural pleasures the human body had to offer. From then on out, I knew I always wanted to surround myself with people who wanted to be desired, loved, and fucked

Only when I was 21 did I realize I could make a living at pleasing others. So one day instead of returning to my 9-5 job; I put in my letter of resignation and hit the open road. That Summer, for the first time; I experienced threesomes, BDSM, and transgender play. I didn't plan on this lifestyle lasting more than a few months. But honestly, I loved the experiences I was having so much, that I knew playing it "safe" was no longer an option for me. 

The year is 2017 and with a little elbow grease, I have created my own thriving empire. Global domination is the GOAL. ASIA, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE; Here I come!!!

Compared to the many ways of existing I am proud to say I have become a SENTINEL of LOVE AND LIFE. Orgasms; besides laughter and food, are the ultimate natural highs. Let me be your guide and show you the way!


With love,



Question 1

"How does someone who has multiple shooting styles ensure that my time spent with you will be special?"


If I only ever allowed myself to be with a small group of artist, I probably wouldn't be a very good photography, now would I? The key to turning a few hours into a unforgettable experience masterpiece, like anything in life is: practice. This doesn't mean our time together is a scripted ruse recited over and over again. Simply put, being present and listening to your wants and desires IS what is going to make you feel special. Letting you know what gets my shutter going at full speed and getting you to take me to that climatic snap, WILL make you feel special. Figuring out what literature, movies, idols we share while photographing in bed is truly the icing on the cake. And you can't forget personalized oral instruction. How could you not feel special with a beautiful young girl ready to worship your every artistic need?


Question 2

"Where can I read reviews about you?"

TER: 219698

If you enjoy smut, I have many outstanding reviews on the #1 North American Review Board. (Contact me personally if you want a copy of critiques form other artist). I grew up loving erotic fiction/photography so totally get the feeling of getting hot and bothered while fingering the pages of a graphic novel. ***Please note, most reviews only summarize locations and don't spend enough time on atmosphere/connection. I don't know about you, but I want to get posed very nicely, learn something new, laugh loudly, and hear some of your best life stories. I'm sure we are on the same page here: Reviews are one dimensional and don't express the whole story).At the end of the day, our shoot together will be unique to us. PERIOD. 


Question 3

"How do you feel about smoking/pot?"

it's okay to expand your mind

I personally do not smoke cigarettes (unless it is apart of a smoking shot.) I do not mind if you do, but please pop a few tic tacs or chewing gum before working in close range of me. Stepping out for a smoke on a extended expedition is fine by me too.

I've had the most amazing connection and creative ideas while smoking pot. Everything has it's place and for me; I light up about 1-2 a month. Because I travel so much by plane, I can't afford to have any substances on me. I can't ask you to bring me anything, but I can't stop you from bringing me something either : )

Question 4

"Are you dinner date material?"

tesla in the sheets, Monroe in the streets

I guess this is the part where I am supposed to brag about my ivy league education, maximum model photoshoots, and jet setting first class life style. The truth is I don't think any of those things matter when it comes to an evening of splendid photography. I believe in self-education, getting off one's arse and figuring out how to do shit yourself, vivacious reading, and taking the path less travelled. These mantras have allowed me to glide effortlessly through events, from baseball games to art galas with ease. As far as dress goes, I love a little back dress with a bold red lip. But mostly, I think women are shoot best when they are not trying. A pair of fitted jeans with a rock and roll band tee it my staple outfit.  


On any given Sunday, you can find me...


Indulging in a hip mimosa filled brunch surrounded by the concrete jungle.


Hiking while listening to Audible. Currently finishing up, Blue Zones by Dan Buettner


Watching my Eagles fly on primetime football.


Rising with the sun to enjoy a cardio run.


My modeling portfolio! Scroll through gallery.