Base (United States and World Wide by Invitation) 

Body: (All Natural)  Garden: (Trimmed Hedge)

Favorite Beer (Heineken) - Favorite City (DENVER) Favorite Yoga Position (Downward-Dog)


I have always been a very curious and sexual person. At a young age, I remember finding some old Hustler magazines in the attic of my house. Even though I couldn't make sense of the heat I felt between my legs, I promised myself that one day I was going to be as free and sexually confident as the women I saw on the glossy pages. In the coming years, I was spying on my girlfriends as they changed in the locker room. I loved how they looked naked. I often found myself at night; shutting my eyes to thoughts of girl on girl fantasies. 


Fast forward a few years, I now travel the world as a professional mistress for open minded men and women.

When not entertaining, you can find me hiking, sipping a craft brew, or trying to talk my sister OUT of marrying a CowBoy's fan. 

2018 has brought me great fortunes, a portion of which I use to fuel my travel adventures. Over the past year I have done everything from dive with Sea Lions in the warm waters of San Diego to sailing along the Almalfi Coast with my best friend.


Each moon of my life is encompassed by a unique mantra. 2019, will be “PEACE of MIND”. I am happy to announce I will be taking a step down (but not out) of the corporate world to pursue a few side projects that I have been dreaming of.

Always abound with stories, I invite you to book an extended tour of Natasha to tantalize your body as well as your mind.

To get to know me better join me on my social media account here.

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signature experienceS with attention to detail




Your time with Natasha is all inclusive. From sensual muse to submissive play toy. Be warned, kissing is my absolute favorite. I love to please, But don't be fooled; I am a woman who isn't afraid to put you at her feet. Get ready for a completely customizable experience with all the fixings.



Most people carry their tension in their head, neck, and back. You and I both know that as a society we spend way too much time starring down at our phones and sitting at our work desk. In 2019, I will be implementing a bodywork experience that ends in a french lesson. People of all body sizes are needed in this crucial Alpha phase. 300/ 2 hours. Only available California, Dallas, and Chicago.



I would be more than happy to accompany you to a work conference, gala, wine tasting, etc. If it means anything to you, I am formally educated. Though I am grateful to have a degree, I find that people of means generally want to know two things before they take you out. 1, can you hold a conversation and 2, do you know how to act in public. The answer to both of these questions are yes. Not to mention, I look damn good in a dress.



Giddy does not even begin to explain how excited I get when I receive a bespoke date request. This option is reserved for gentleman who would like to plan exclusive travel for me to their chosen city. As always I am passport ready and willing to travel with advanced notice. Please inquire more at natashanomnom@protonmail.ch