Your First Black Experiene

For a lot of people black women are out of reach. Sure, we work in the same offices, shop at the local Whole Foods, and enjoy food at similar restaurants, but at the end of the day most of us live in the homogenous neighborhoods.

This is your chance to change that:

There is nothing like kissing a set of coco brown lips. The extra pout is super soft and melts into your mouth like butter on a hot skillet.

Brown skin reflects light and oil in the most unique way. Just take a look at my pictures. Could you imagine how delicious I would look, covered in beads of sweat, while we tussle between the sheets?

Curvy Figures are highly celebrated in the black community. I am happy to have perky bubble butt that jiggles when spanked and looks fabulous in a pair of yoga pants. 

To stop at the physical upsides would be a travesty. Black culture has a lot to offer. From food to sports and entertainment. Come and explore and ask your questions. 

*Please note- I am only one black woman in a world of many. My black experience is unique to me and is not a universal reflection of the many hues our culture has to offer. Take our meeting as fun way to dip your toes in or a continuation into the world of ethinic intimacy.


"Where is my bacon?”

I asked as felt a hard throbbing cock pressed into the small of my back.  He immediately disappeared into the kitchen, only to return a moment later to present me with an offering: Three strips of crispy bacon, a large glass of water, and a small kick of OJ.

After 9 months of dating, I thought he was really well trained. Happily, but slowly I ate as he sat on the opposite end of the bed stroking his hard member. When I had had enough, I gave him "the look" and he knew exactly what time it was. It was easy to feel his excitement grow as I began to kiss and lick everywhere except the one part he wanted most. His breathe quickened into rhythmic puffs of anticipation. On my knees now, the only thing I had to say to send him into overdrive was, “Are you ready to be devoured?” To which he intoxicatedly said, "yes". He laid his head back on the pillow and I took him to heaven...

I love anything oral and believe it be my strongest sexual chi.


I can not get my last submissive date out of my head. There is something so incredibly arousing about the way he kissed me so sweetly. The feeling of his hands running though my hair, pushing it back,  and exposing my neck. Unexpectedly, he spun me around. He was good at the, "spin". A move that in one swift motioned press my derriere to him and brought his smoldering breathe back to my neck. He knew this move was complete, erotic, agony for me. I could no longer see his eyes to know his intentions for what he was going to do next, but at the same time, I could greedily tease myself by rubbing myself against him. "Stay right there and don't you dare turn around.", he said sternly. I did as I was told, not moving an inch. This was the best part. Was he simply undressing or perhaps grabbing a paddle to spank me with? Was he preparing to feed me my favorite dark chocolates or getting ready a new color and leash to have me crawl around in... Whatever it was. I was happy to give myself over to him. Only through him would I get to experience the greatest climax of all...

*BDSM/ Submissive play can be whatever you want it to be. To many times people get caught up on the pain aspect of it all. I love pain, but it took me years of play to figure out to what degree and areas of the body it feels best on. Pain is just one emotion. Dominance, servitude, and denial are some of my favorites. Hopefully, by being open you can come to discover what kink turns you on the most too.