Why settle for the same boring lunch break?

BE A BOSS, reclaim your time, and add a side of smoking hot Natasha to your mid-day affair. Enjoy a few naughty photos, as you sit at your desk. Feel your blood temperature rise as the clock ticks down to our rendezvous. Perfect for the man who enjoys a quick, high energy tryst . I will leave you satisfied and give you something to smirk about for the rest of the day. Buckle up; it's going to be a wild ride.

Includes: In person meet with Natasha, Nice Natasha Experience, 2 Teaser Images (delivered with location instructions), and Play Space Accommodations.

Cost: 300-400/hr (depending on city)

Study Question: You ask your secretary to order lunch in for you. When you open the office door she is sitting in your chair looking like this. What do you do?

A) LOCK the door, DRAW the blinds, and HOLD all calls for the next hour…

B) Eat sushi off her body and save yourself as desert.

C) Ask her if she remembered the duck sauce.

Want Even More? Unlock the next level by joining Club Tasha. SCROLL down to the bottom of the page for more info.

Special Note: You can zoom in all pictures by hovering over them. To get the best experience, view on a computer.

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Join Club Tasha by offering a cash tip of your choosing at the end of our time together.

You will receive:

-Naughty Photo Set- An attempt to out do my famous donut picture. Find out if I succeeded.

-Monthly Newsletter- Keep up to date with me by being the first to know when I am back in your town.

-Date Raffle- One entry ticket for a chance to win a 1 hour date. Next Monthly Drawing: October 1st for all suitors I met from August 15th-September 30th!