OK, maybe it's corny, but one of the very best things about spending the night with a lover is rolling over the next morning to see them resting soundly. It's so easy to take this for granted and overlook it, especially in today's world. As you slowly wake up in my arms memories of last night’s affairs flood back . Laughs over dinner to being caught in the rain. No overnight is complete without the perfect work day send off: cookies in the morning. And then, if you’re me, it’s time to gaze into your second true love: a cup of coffee. So much coffee.

Includes: EVERYTHING from the four tiers PLUS, unlock access to waking up in my arms.

Cost: 2,500 (Starting around diner, departing between 10am-12 noon)

Study Question: What is Natasha'a favorite attire to sleep in?

A) Birthday Suit

B) Silk Robe

C) Eagles Jersey

Want Even More? Unlock the next level by joining Club Tasha. SCROLL down to the bottom of the page for more info.

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Join Club Tasha by offering a cash tip of your choosing at the end of our time together.

You will receive:

-Naughty Photo Set- An attempt to out do my famous donut picture. Find out if I succeeded.

-Monthly Newsletter- Keep up to date with me by being the first to know when I am back in your town.

-Date Raffle- One entry ticket for a chance to win a 1 hour date. Next Monthly Drawing: October 1st for all suitors I met from August 15th-September 30th!