Throw my black ass on a plane and let's get this party started!!!

As a traveler, I understand that schedules may never click or you may be in a part of the world I don't frequent. To make things easier to arrange I have provided scaled packages to suit getaway weekends, business trips, or extended vacations of your choice. I am passport ready and willing to travel both domestically and internationally with advanced notice.

Includes: EVERYTHING from the previous five tiers PLUS, get my undivided attention by booking an exclusive arrangement. Airfare included. 50% deposit required.

Cost: 24 HOURS...3,000

48 HOURS...4,000

72 HOURS...5,000

Study Question: How many states has Natasha been to?

A) 34

B) 35

C) 36

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Join Club Tasha by offering a cash tip of your choosing at the end of our time together.

You will receive:

-Naughty Photo Set- An attempt to out do my famous donut picture. Find out if I succeeded.

-Monthly Newsletter- Keep up to date with me by being the first to know when I am back in your town.

-Date Raffle- One entry ticket for a chance to win a 1 hour date. Next Monthly Drawing: October 1st for all suitors I met from August 15th-September 30th!