• BBQ Sambal StingRay- Singapore, SEA

  • Monkey Business Gastronomy Cocktail- Boston, Massachusettes

  • Spices of the Middle East- Dubai, UAE

  • Reindeer Sausage and Herbivore Two Style Pizza- Anchorage, Alaska

  • Sweet or Savory Melon Buns- Tokyo, Japan

Add food to anything and it makes it better. I would love the chance to put on something I feel cute in and be your dining buddy for the night. Pictured above is some of the highlights of stuffing my face over the last year. As you can see I enjoy everything from casual to fine dining. When we’re out don’t forget to give me lots of attention. Good conversation and upskirt feels across the dinner table are much appreciated

Includes: EVERYTHING from the previous three tiers PLUS, access to break bed with an experienced dining companion.

Cost: 1,000- DRINKS-3 HOURS OR 1,200- DINNER- 4-5 HOURS

Study Question: What is Natasha'a favorite way to order a steak?

A) Rare

B) Medium- Rare

C) Medium

D) Medium Well-Well Done (If you pick this option please exit site now. We ARE NOT compatible.)

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Special Note: You can zoom in all pictures by hovering over them. To get the best experience, view on a computer.

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Join Club Tasha by offering a cash tip of your choosing at the end of our time together.

You will receive:

-Naughty Photo Set- An attempt to out do my famous donut picture. Find out if I succeeded.

-Monthly Newsletter- Keep up to date with me by being the first to know when I am back in your town.

-Date Raffle- One entry ticket for a chance to win a 1 hour date. Next Monthly Drawing: October 1st for all suitors I met from August 15th-September 30th!